With their sophomore effort Lenses, sonically, the duo of Soft Metals seem to owe a great debt to both the legendary godfather of electronic dance music, Giorgio Moroder and to the house and techno music of the early 80s. Although the material is shimmering and slickly produced, the material pulsates with a raw, carnal, decadent sensuality – and despite its seeming efficiency, there’s a sense of improvised experimentation beneath the surface. The material manages to carefully walk a careful tightrope between a taut minimalism and a densely layered lushness. Interestingly, the instrumentation is spacious enough to allow vocalist Patricia Hall’s seductive coos to ethereally float through the mix – and yet its dense enough to require repeated listens to reveal deeper nuance.  The slow burning “On a Cloud” owes a debt to 80s house and under the track’s icy sheen, there’s a gently stirring and awakening sensuality.