Written, recorded and produced over a two year period and released to critical praise last September, Goldfrapp‘s latest effort, Tales of Us may well be among the group’s most atmospheric and gorgeous work to date, as the the album’s compositions are comprised of swirling electronics, lush string arrangements and Allison Goldfrapp’s arresting vocals. Just in time for the release of the Tales of Us Deluxe Editionthe band released the latest music video for album track,“Jo.” Directed by Lisa Gunning, the video is as narrative and as sensual as the album’s compositions, evoking the sense that the album ad it’s respective videos should be some sort a bildungsroman in which the protagonist has a deeply sexual and spiritual awakening through periods of love, loss and madness.

The video is equally gorgeous and cinematic – each composed sequence has a painterly attention to detail. Check out the interplay between light and shadow, which emphasize the song’s eerie beauty.