2015 has been a breakout year for the Texas-born, New Jersey-raised and Los Angeles-based indie pop artist Phoebe Ryan, as she’s captured the attention of both the print and blogosphere worlds. Much like her previous single “Dead,” her latest single “Homie” off her recently released EP, Mine is a display of the contemporary pop sound – a chilly and sparse production style based around swirling electronics, layers of shimmering synths and boom-bap styled drum programming paired with Ryan’s breathily cooed vocals. Interestingly, the song may arguably be one of the most coquettishly seductive singles the young pop artist has released to date while continuing her reputation for describing the travails of relationships with an unvarnished frankness about the song’s character’s wounded psyches, faults and desires. In this case, the song’s narrator admits to a potential suitor that she’s had a reputation for being a player and not a girlfriend type, and as a result that her suitor should consider going pretty slow – at best friends with benefits. It’s the sort of frankness that’s a result of the social media age, but it’s also rather empowering, in the sense that it suggests that women can be and are sexual beings, who may just want to have sex.