Archive is a South London-based collection of multi-displinary artists who have developed a reputation across their native UK for writing and recording albums that reveal continued artistic growth and evolution. And interestingly enough, the collective’s film project, Axiom was released to international critical praise – the film was selected in last year’s Sundance Film Festival and was featured as part of performances at the London Roundhouse, as well as a Montreux Jazz Festival appearance. 

Restriction, the British collective’s latest effort has been described by the collective’s co-founder Darius Keeler as “… an album with 12 individual and distinct songs, all coming from a similar place but at the same time musically diverse and unique.” The album’s latest single “End of Our Days” begins as a slow-burning and hauntingly sparse ballad comprised of keyboards, bass, drums and vocals until the song’s midway point, as swirling electronics and a subtle layer of vocals are added. In some way, sonically, the song bears a resemblance to Goldfrapp and Portishead; however, lyrically, the song is an achingly earnest love song. 

The recently released official video has the members of the band performing on a bare stage in front of a video projection and in some way serves as a taste of what fans should expect from their UK and European tour during the early part of this year.