As a freelance journalist and blogger, I’ve written about and covered countless bands and as you can imagine, it was a pleasant surprise to come across an email about an act that I had written about while writing for The Whiskey Dregs – Youth Sounds. Currently comprised of the Mejia siblings – Federico “Lucho,” Nicholas, and Erika Mejia and Adrian Fyre, the quartet can trace their origins to when the Meijias were children. The Mejias performed in church choirs and when the family was too poor for lessons, they taught themselves how to play instruments. 

By 2009. the quartet with a slightly different lineup – a lineup that included Lucho’s wife Taryn – released their debut EP, The Bit Parts to critical praise across the blogosphere for a gorgeous, orchestral-like sound that bore a resemblance to Great Northern’s stunning Trading Twilight for Daylight

However, with a lineup change, Youth Sounds has in turn gone through a change of sonic direction. As you’ll hear on “Before It’s Too Late,” the quartet has developed a densely layered synth pop-based sound that sounds as though it owes a debt to the 80s synth pop of Depeche Mode, New Order and others. 

The official video was shot in a cinematic black and white and features members of the Kansas City Ballet dancing to the song. And through their movements, you can see one very obvious thing – the sensuality and power of human movement and the human body. In fact, the video manages to be artistic yet incredibly seductive.