As I’ve mentioned at least 500,000 times (or more) on this site, I receive an increasing number of emails from bands, publicity firms and labels from across the world. Just the other day, I received an email from a Miami, FL-based indie pop act, Why Not Y. 

Comprised of singer/songwriter and Presidential Scholar of the Arts, Kelly Kessell; classically trained violinist, producer and engineer Pio Molina; and keyboardist, drummer, producer and engineer Ryan Raines, the band, which puts an interesting spin on contemporary pop got their start in a Tallahassee college dorm room. 

Their debut single “Young” is comprised of skittering beats, electronic bloops and bleeps, warmly expressive violin chords, and Keseel’s sensual vocals manages to capture the seemingly boundless optimism of one’s youth – everything feels possible and infinite. Sure, the track is slickly produced and radio-friendly but it manages to possess an earnest sincerity to it.