As I’ve mentioned countless times on this site, I receive an extraordinary number of emails from artists, publicity firms, record labels and band managers from all over the world, and naturally as a blogger, one of the great things about my work is discovering something that I think is cool and telling all of you about it. 

So I recently received an email from Gemology, a Brooklyn-based electro pop duo of Natasha Chitayat and Joanie Wolkoff.  Their recently released debut single “First and Last” has been blowing up across the blogosphere and once you’ll hear it you’ll see why. Comprised of shimmering synths, 808-styled drum beats and seductive yet ethereal vocals, the song possesses a hazily atmospheric feel similar to acts like Zambri and Beacon but leaning quite a bit more towards 80s New Wave thanks to the hook and the addition of guitar, which make the song quite a bit warmer. 

Based on their incredibly slick and nuanced production, which demands repeated listens, I think  we’ll be hearing quite a bit from this duo in the next few months.