Australia’s Gold Coast is not only one of that continent’s prominent tourist resorts, it’s also the home of a music scene that’s begun to receive international attention. In fact, if you’ve been following JOVM for the past few months, you may remember that I wrote about the Gold Coast-based San Mei, whose music career began as a DIY bedroom recording project that has grown much larger after the release of her first two singles started to receive international attention.

Consisting of brothers Adam and Nathan Lyons (vocals and keys respectively), Patrick Huerto (guitar), Tim Voeten (guitar), Tommy Davis (bass) and James Alexander (drums), the Gold Coast-based sextet of Fairchild have seen their profile expand in the past 18 months or so, as they’ve toured throughout the South Pacific including Singapore, Hong Kong, China and North America. And during that period the band released their debut EP, Burning Feet in April. Produced by Catherine Marks, who’s bent known for her work with Foals, The Killers and others, the album proved to be the end result of a band that had been experimenting with its sound for some time. In fact, they’ve picked up the slickly produced electro pop sound of their contemporaries; however, their sound manages to be much more melodic while being danceable… 

Next week sees both the European and Stateside release of their second EP, Sadako and based on the EP’s latest single “Arcadia,” the Australian sextet may further cement a reputation for crating some truly melodic, hook-laden pop that manages to be artistically sincere yet radio-friendly. 

The official video for the song is probably one of the most inventive videos I’ve seen in quite some time. In order to create the video’s frenetic, yet carefully put together feel, the video was shot normally. Then every single frame was printed on paper, hand painted and photographed, which of course creates the jerky stop motion effect.