Beta Frontiers, a  Toronto, ON-based electronic act began under some rather humble circumstances — in founding member Michael Butler’s living room, as a home studio electronica experiment based on an assemblage of various influences. Some close friends encouraged him and his efforts, and as a result he wrote and recorded his debut EP, which has been described as possessing a retro-futuristic sound.  And “Hondo” feat. Becky Ninkovic, one f the key singles of the EP brought Butler’s project much more attention; in fact, he’s recently toured with another blogosphere sensation, Phedre, followed that with a number of remixes, and will be releasing his own original material over the summer.

“Undone Things,” Butler’s latest single is comprised of layers upon layers of pulsing and undulating synths that sound as though they’ve had their edges dipped in acid, swirling electronics and an eerie vaguely Eastern vocal sample. In some way, the track manages to be somewhat cinematic. You can envision it being part of the soundtrack of movie – picture the protagonist of our movie walking through a dark, sweaty club pushing and shoving the club’s patron as he pursues after a villain (or vice versa, really). 

The official video is comprised of grainy, washed out, 80s aerobic videos – it adds to the song’s scuzzy, acid tinged feel.