Born and raised in Fergus Falls, MN and located in Los Angeles, Sarah Winters is an electronic pop artist who writes, records and performs under the moniker of of vōx (pronounced as wokes), a name that’s actually largely inspired by a Latin phrase she had tattooed on her fingers several years before: vōx et praetereā nihil, which means “a voice and nothing more." Waters got into music at a young age, taking piano and vocal lessons. By the time, she was a college co-ed in Fargo, ND, she was playing solo shows in coffee shops. 

Winters relocated to Minneapolis and while working as a clerk at Walgreens, she self-recoreded covers of pop hits ”Dynamite“ and ”S&M,“ which became viral sensations after she released them on her Tumblr. Inspired by those results, she recorded her debut effort, Smallest Bones in 2010. And interestingly, the album won her a Skype auction with one of her favorite bands, WHY?, who then invited her to join them on their 2012 international tour. 

In 2013, she recorded and released a cover of Kendrick Lamar’s ”Swimming Pools“ that garnered over 120,000 Soundcloud plays. Winters spent 2014 writing and recording her debut effort as vōx Put the Poison in Me with producer Josiah Kesler, who have crafted a rather unique, singular sound based around Winters’ sultry, smokily ethereal, jazz-like vocals. Some listeners will compare Winters vocals and her sound to the likes of contemporary artists like Banks and Lorde. That point may be debatable depending on your preferences and knowledge; however, when I heard Put the Poison in Me’s first single "Money,"I was reminded of Timbaland’s inventive production work with Missy Elliott and of Sylvan Esso’s work, as the song is comprised of staggering boom-bap beats, glitchy bleeps and bloops that sound a bit like exploding typewriters paired with plinking and cascading synths that give the song an angular and highly off-center propulsion.  British vocalist, Kyan teams up on this song, adding some soaring backing vocals to the vocoder-based chorus. 

As you can imagine, as a result of JOVM, I come across the work of a lot of artists over the course of a week, a month, a year, and "Money” is by far the most widely inventive and original track I’ve heard this year, and I suspect that Winter’s debut effort as vōx may arguably be one of the more inventive efforts i’ve heard in some time.