Born in Coventry, UK and currently based in London, Obaro Ejimiwe is best known across the blogosphere under the moniker of Ghostpoet. His first two releases, Peanut Butter and Melancholy Jam (2011) and Some Say I So I Say Light (2013) were released to critical praise both in the UK and across the blogosphere; in fact, both albums had several singles chart pretty highly   across the UK charts — with his sophomore effort landing within the UK’s top 100. 

Ejimiwe’s third and forthcoming effort, Shedding Skin is the result of a change in Ejimiwe’s songwriting process as the material reflects the first recorded effort with a live band comprised of Joe Newman (guitar), John Calvert (bass) and John Blease (drums). Featuring collaborations with Nadine ShahEtta BondMelanie De Biasio, Lucy Rose, and Maximo Park’s Paul Smith, the album manages to continue Ejimiwe’s reputation for lyrics that capture the most intimate aspects of a man’s psyche with a novelistic attention to detail. In fact throughout “Off Peak” dreams, there’s this sense of capturing a man in the height of a desperate, existential crisis. However, sonically, as you’ll hear on “Off Peak Dreams,” Shedding Skin’s first single, the material manages to possess elements of jazz, pop, hip-hop and trip-hop in a way that bears an uncanny resemblance to Tricky and Massive Attack — but with an offbeat funk at its very core. 

The official video captures the nuances of the daily grind: the misery, desperation and soul-sucking routines and boredom that can only happen when you’re working for the man. In many ways the only escapes you have are sports, drink, women, food, and yet somehow that isn’t enough. The video manages to capture all of that with an exacting, scientific precision – and in some way that felt like my life for the better part of about 11 years.