Brooklyn-based house music producer Michael Bouldry-Morrison writes and records under the moniker Octa Octa, and as Octa Octa, Bouldry-Morrison has already collaborated with LA Vampires, and was recently invited to take part in the Red Bull Music Academy concert series this year. And this year may be even bigger for the Brooklyn-based producer as Los Angeles-based label, 100% Silk will be releasing their (and Octa Octa’s) first double 12" single, Between Two Selves on May 28th“Work Me” is the the latest single from that effort and it’s a slickly produced bit of house music, complete with blazing hot flashes of cymbal, and wobbly, rumbling synth – although it’s obvious that the song was made of the same modern production values behind the work of Boys Noize, All Good Funk Alliance, and others, while sounding as though it came out in 1988.