Captured Tracks Records released Lenses, the critically praised sophomore effort from the Los Angeles, CA-based duo Soft Metals. Sonically, the material on Lenses owes a great debt to both the legendary godfather of electronic dance music, Giorgio Moroder and to the house and techno music of the early 80s. The material is shimmering and slickly produced but it pulsates with a carnal and decadent sensuality. And despite its seeming efficiency, there’s a sense of improvised experimentation beneath the surface. “Tell Me,” which is one of my favorite tracks from the album, also manages to be one of the album’s sexiest tracks. 

The Silent Servant edit of the track turns the song into an entirely unrecognizable track from it’s original source. Granted, it still pulsates but it has a chilly, futuristic sheen reminiscent of Kraftwerk and of modern house. This is the first single on a remix EP that Mecanica Records will release digitally on February 3rd and in vinyl and CD on March 4th.