Clara Moto’s 2010 debut Polyamour gained quite a bit of attention through the blogosphere. But in the three years since the release of her debut, the electro pop producer and artist moved to the cosmopolitan city of Berlin, where she (presumably) soaked up a ton of varied influences. 

While working on a new album, Moto released a 5 song EP, Joy Departed as a teaser to the sort of material you’ll expect on the new full-length, which is slated for a Fall release “Disposable Darling,” the first single off the EP, shows off Moto’s diverse influences from the industrial clang and banging that start off the song. That gets peeled off to reveal an icily efficient minimalism that belies Moto’s ethereal pop-influenced vocals. Although i’m posting this in the early afternoon – a coincidence and a necessity – it feels more suited for a cooling summer night, around 2am or so.