Comprised of Andrew Tamlyn, Nolan Krebs and Joshua Korf, the Grand Rapids, MI-based psych rock trio of HEATERS can trace their origins to when high school buddies Tamlyn and Krebs relocated to Grand Rapids to start working on a music project together. The duo of Tamlyn and Krebs met Korf, who was coincidentally their next door neighbor and started writing and recording material in their home studio. 

The Grand Rapids-based trio made quite a bit of noise across the blogosphere last year as they released a handful of homespun EPs, split records and even made an appearance on Stolen Body’s Vegetarian Meat psych compilation, which featured their unique sound which meshes garage rock, psych rock and surfer rock in an anachronistic fashion – as though it could easily been part of a  Quentin Tarantino soundtrack. And towards the tail end of 2014, they released their debut EP, Solstice through dizzybird records

2015 may arguably be the year that the trio puts themselves on the national map as April 28 will mark the release of the “Mean Green”/“Levitate Thigh” 7 inch through Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records and their full-length which is slated for a bit later this year. Recently, the band released the official video for the B-side single “Levitate Thigh” and the single is comprised of shimmering guitars fed through layers of reverb and feedback, which gives the song’s uncommon structure – a slower dreamy part, followed by a noisy, cacophony and then a slower dreamy part – a trippy, mind-altering feel. 

The official video is pretty hilarious as it takes footage from an old Fred Astaire film and has Astaire dancing to a HEATERS song to the radio and what makes it hilarious is that Astaire’s dancing actually fits the trippy nature of the song.