Comprised of founding and fairly constant members Marcus Admund (vocals), and Albin Wesley (bass) and current members, Nikki Nyberg (guitar) and Erik Fritz (drums), the Stockholm-based indie rock quartet of Honeymilk formed in 2012. However, the band can actually trace their origins to the formation and eventual breakup of Swedish indie rock band Urmas Plant – and in some way, the members of Honeymilk may arguably be one of the more accomplished contemporary bands in Stockholm’s indie rock scene. 

Their debut single “It Might Be” which was produced by Linus Larsson (best known for his work with Peter, Bjorn and John, Mercury Rev and Anna Ternheim), received praise internationally across the blogosphere and radio stations including Amazing Radio and Oxford College Radio. But the band went the DIY route, recording and producing their own work including the band’s full-length debut, Lean on the Sun, which was released last year to further critical praise. 

Earlier this year, the members of Honeymilk embarked on a tour with the Brooklyn-based band Never Better and worked on material that could eventually comprise an EP; however, in the meantime, the quartet have released a few singles including their latest single “A Scene In Between.” Sonically, the song sounds as though it owes a great debt to Britpop and British psych rock – in particular, I’m automatically reminded of The Stone Roses, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Verve, and interestingly enough, even Oasis. In fact, the song is comprised of jazz and hip-hop inspired drums, layers of guitars fed through reverb and feedback paired with Admund’s laconic vocals.