Comprised of Heather Robb (vocals, keyboard, drums), James Smith (vocals, guitar, bass, drums) and James Cleare (vocals, guitar, bass, drums), The Spring Standards can trace their origins to when they were all teenagers, as they bonded over their mutual love of the classic rock and folk that their parents listened to, instead of the contemporary radio hits that their peers were listening to at the time. The trio separated after high school but they wound up reuniting in New York after college, and released their first EP No One Will Know during the summer of 2008. 

With the release of their debut full-length effort Would Things Be Different, the band received national attention as they made appearances at SXSW, CMJ and Mountain Stage, along with a lengthy national tour to support the debut album. And as a result, the trio also made several television appearances, including an appearance on Conan. The band’s most recent album, Live from Delaware is accompanied by a live concert film of the same night, and from “Watch the Moon Disappear,” the latest single and video from that effort, the band’s sound owes a debt to Fleetwood Mac and atmospheric, 70s AM rock, as you’ll hear breezy yet soaring harmonies and melodies paired with subtly twangy guitar within a rather complex arrangement. But at its very core, the song possesses a sweet and youthful ebullience that’s infectious. 

The video reveals that the band plays with the same ebullient joy that’s within their music, and that you’ll see members of the band playing several different instruments – simultaneously. Check them out at the Mercury Lounge on Monday night.