Comprised of programmer and Bushwick drag festival co-creator, Simon Leahy; drummer, Michael Prommasit; and performance artist and vocalist, Jake Dielber, the trio of bottoms offered one of the most unique, most memorable “what the fuck?” moments of the entire CMJ Festival as the trio employs the use of equally hilarious and terrifying stage antics with a searing acid house – it’s so searing that it sounds almost industrial. And its paired with Diebler’s experience as a performance artist whose work and lyrics thematically touch on the historical anxieties surrounding HIV and gay suicide. 

Released on the 26th World AIDS Day, the trio’s latest single “hiv” is howl of anger, despair, pain paired around throbbing, buzzing synths and propulsive drums. It manages to evoke a very primal, visceral feel – perhaps more so than any electronic song I’ve heard before.