Comprised of the duo of Amalie Bruun and Brian Harding, Ex Cops formed in 2011. And their debut effort, True Hallucinations, was released to critical praise, thanks in part to a sound that was described by many critics and bloggers as sprawling indie pop with wall-to-wall guitars; however, with their latest effort, Daggers, the duo of Braun and Harding reflects a change of sonic direction. In fact, from the release of the band’s first single “Black Soap” and now with “White Noise,” the latest single off the new album, it’s obvious that Braun and Harding have heavily leaned on what may arguably be the most straightforward, radio-friendly electro pop-based sound they’ve recorded to date – while retaining the use of the boy-girl harmonies of their previous efforts.

However, what makes “White Noise” different than anything else they’ve released is the fact that it may have one of the most rousingly anthemic hooks they’ve ever released. And it’s paired around pulsing 80s-styled synths, four-on-the-floor drums and strummed guitar chords. Every time i’ve heard the song, I’ve heard I can picture a packed club of folks lustily yelling along with the chorus and with more singles like this, I can imagine that will inevitably happen.