Comprised of the then-Seattle, WA-based Tito Ramsey, Ramsey’s brother Jack, their childhood friend Charles Larson and brothers Juan Miguel and Herman Marin, the quintet of LEGS was formed in 2013, and their self-titled debut won attention when their single “So Obvious” was featured in the 2014 indie rom-com Obvious Child starring Jenny Slate and David Cross.

Produced by Nick Stumpf, who has worked with Caveman and Coke Weed, the now Brooklyn-based quintet’s debut full-length effort, Altitud was developed over two years of touring and recording. And the album’s first single “Top of the World” is an angular and shimmering dance pop track that sounds as though it owes a debt to Fear of Music and Remain In Light-era Talking Heads as the song is comprised of four-on-the-floor drums, thick keyboard chords, cascading synths and a disco floor-inspired bass line. It’s funky yet offbeat and possess an art school sheen — while still being accessible and kind of playful.

The band recently released the official video for “Top Of The World” and it’s an incredible send up of 1980s commercials and public access TV which includes a sleazy and kind of clueless mustachioed host, and the band playing air instruments – and man they rock out.  The video manages to reveal the band’s quirky sensibility and energy while paying homage to the band’s history of making something out of nothing.