Consisting of drummer/vocalist Kylee Kimborough, bassist David MIchaud, and guitarist Kelly Stroup, the Atlanta, GA-based band Dasher has received quite a bit of attention for this blistering, noisy bit of squall, “Go Rambo” which appears on a 7 inch with B-side “Time Flys,” which Die Slaughterhaus Records released earlier this month. And how many times have you seen or heard a band with a drummer who sounds as though they’re vocal chords are fraying – right this very second from screaming. (If it doesn’t make you want to fuck shit up, then there’s something deeply wrong with you.)

Sonically (and even visually, thanks to the music video), the band owes a great debt to Bleach and Nevermind-era Nirvana – in particular I’m reminded of “Dive,” as “Go Rambo” sounds equally frenzied.