Deriving their name from a theory about Earth possibly having a twin moon, and comprised of Bryce Boudreau (vocals) and Chris Murphy (multi-instrumentalist, producer), the duo of Lunar Twin can trace their origins to when Murphy and Boudreau met at the 2011 Denver Underground Music Festival when Boudreau joined Murphy’s gothic synth band Nightsweats as a guest. Officially formed in 2013 the duo records the music and vocal parts separately with the vocals for their most recent, self-titled EP in the Hawaiian rainforest in Keauu/Puna, Hi and the instrumentation recorded near Salt Lake City, UT. 

“Metroplex,”  the second single off Lunar Twin’s self-titled debut consists of layers of cascading synths and propulsive drumming paired with Boudreau’s seductive, crooning baritone. Sonically, the song channels the 80s synth pop of The Human League and Gary Numan (in particular, “Cars”) but thematically, the song deals with connecting with people in a large, anonymous city. As Chris Murphy explains, "It’s much like the rhythm of a mega city where you get lost, but where you’re also never alone.” And as a result, the song possesses a raw, carnal energy just underneath it’s desperate, brooding surface.  

The official video for the song captures the city as a living, breathing thing with its own peculiar rhythms and the decadence of night life. It suggests that despite differences in culture, almost every large city is essentially the same – and in some way they may be right. 

Interestingly, the duo will be releasing a new EP Champagne Remixes, which features two songs from the self-title EP, “Champagne” and the aforementioned “Metroplex” remixed and re-edited by a number of producers, DJs and artists, and each remix offers a completely different (and new interpretation) of the duo’s work.