Dutch production trio Kraak and Smaak’s soon-to-be released album Chrome Waves will see an October 28th release through Jalapeno Records. The new record continues the production team’s reputation for a sound that’s slickly produced but on Chrome Waves the act has gone through a change in sonic direction – the album’s sound takes a turn for the cosmic, as it deftly mixes modern production techniques with old house music and disco in a somewhat similar fashion to an acts like Escort and the Asteroids Galaxy Tour. Granted, Kraak and Smaak’s sound leans much more futuristic – it gleams and glistens with an efficient sheen. 

“Good For The City” is the latest single off the album and unlike the previous single “The Future Is Yours” you can hear the elements of disco and house music – in particular check out the pulsating synth line. 

interestingly the lyrics which are sung by guest vocalist Sam Duckworth describe a debaucherous, almost never ending party but with a bemused sense of humor and horror. You’ll shake your ass but you’ll quickly have the sense that something isn’t quite right.