Electronic music artist, producer, DJ, multi-instrumentalist and talent scout Danny Darko has developed a reputation for a relentless sense of experimentation as his productions have spanned a wide range of EDM styles, genres and sub-genres including house, dubstep and progressive, along with recent experiments in rock, pop and others. More than 30 of his releases have charted on  the Top 50 Releases on Beatport Genre Charts – and his YouTube channel recently passed 2 million views. (Of course, some of this success is the direct result of receiving praise from EDM’s heavy hitters, including Tiesto, Armin van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk, Pete Tong and others.)

His latest single off “My Favourite” off  Sensations is a slickly produced and radio-friendly pop track that pairs gently strummed acoustic guitar, shimmering synths, congo and drums, and swirling electronics with the coquettish cooing of vocalist, Jova Radevska. Although breezy, the song at its very core possesses a palpably urgent desire that’s irresistible and incredibly danceable.