Elephant Stone, led by Rishi Dihr, a renowned sitar player, released their self-titled, sophomore effort through Hidden Pony Records last year, and the material on the album used elements of traditional Eastern instrumentation with Western songwriting and instrumentation to create a densely buzzing and hypnotic drone, which at times bore a resemblance to the Black AngelsDirections to See a Ghost (which, shouldn’t be terribly surprising as Dihr was enlisted by the Austin, TX-based psych rock band to contribute sitar on the album).

Elephant Stone’s much-anticipated forthcoming effort, Three Poisons is slated for an August 26 release, and from the release of album title track “Three Poisons” “Knock You From Yr Mountain" and the album’s latest single "Child of Nature (Om Namah Sivaya)” that the band’s latest material has gone through a decided change of sonic direction while retaining some elements of the sound that won over the blogosphere and fans. “Child of Nature” is as psychedelic as any of the previously released singles; however it manages to unfold slowly and in a serpentine-like fashion towards the listener. And it’s probably the first single off the album that employs a hypnotic, trance-like drone to propel the song forward while sounding as though it could have been released in 1967.