Elizabeth Ann Clark is  Mojave Desert-based filmmaker and classically trained pianist who began composing melodies which eventually (and perhaps inevitably) evolved into electronic dance songs. Recording, writing and performing under the moniker of VIRGO, Clark’s sound has been compared by some to the likes of GrimesLittle Dragon, CHVRCHES and others; however, Clark’s newest single “ISS” is comprised of layers of futuristic -sounding glitchy synths and vocals fed through vocoder or other effects. In some way the track bears a subtle resemblance to Boys Noize’
“Ich R U” but airier. 

and as you’ll hear on Clark’s latest single “II,” it’s a fair comparison, although VIRGO’s sound is much more hypnotic and atmospheric while the synths and drum programming manage to evoke something deeply ominous and troubled just underneath the surface. 

Sonically, the production creates a compelling sense of tension as Clark sings ‘You’re in head, not in my heart” with a breathy coo. And yet, the song is very danceable.