“Feel It” is the latest single from Ennui, the brainchild of Pittsburgh, PA-based musician and producer Jim Doutrich. The band has existed in a variety of incarnations since 2004 but their soon-to-released album Telepathic Beat will likely further Doutrich and company’s reputation for crafting slickly produced yet infectious synth pop – the sort of synth pop that easily sounds as though it could have been released back in 1985. Whereas the album’s early singles “Circles” and “Summer of Love” bear an uncanny resemblance to Depeche Mode, the Thompson Twins and others; the album’s latest single “Feel it” manages to sound a bit more modern, as it resembles a slickly produced, very breezy mix between In Ghost Colours-era Cut Copy and Depeche Mode – while being very danceable.