For over a decade singer/songwriter Nicholas Krgovich (pronged KER-ga-ViTCH) has developed a reputation for an idiosyncratic and creatively restless spirit as he’s written and performed in projects such as No KidsGigi and P:ANO and for his collaborations with Mount EerieNite Jewel and Dirty Projectors’s Amber Coffman. But it may be his forthcoming and long-awaited solo debut On Sunset that may put Krgovitch on the map — especially since the album’s material, as you’ll hear on “Along the PCH on Oscar Night,” bears quite a resemblance to Joe Jackson (think of “Steppin’ Out” in particular), thanks in part to composer Stefan Udell’s gorgeous, cinematic arrangements. In fact, it adds an almost period specific wistfulness to a material that is essential a pean to a lost Los Angeles full of drifters, washed up movie stars, glowing courtyard pools, highways, movie set and sunsets over the hills — but underneath the beautiful dreams, there’s something, awkward sad and truly fucked up. 

The official video, which was recently released manages to make a subtle nod to renowned filmmaker David Lynch and has an appropriately cinematic feel as you have images of the sun setting over the Southern California hills, pools reflecting the light of lonely mansions and modern houses. Beneath the beautiful surroundings there’s something lonely and uncertain that subtle reveals itself.