Founded by Parisian electronic music artist, producer, DJ and remixer, Douze, L.O.V.E LTD (an acronym for Living On Variable Emotions), the label was created to put his vision of meshing 80s synth pop with modern electronic production techniques. in fact, one of the first singles released by the label, Rhayader’s “Innervision” is a prime example of that vision as the track manages to bear an uncanny resemblance to the likes of The Human League, Depeche Mode and 80s freestyle, as the track is comprised of cascading layers of synths, throbbing bass, skittering four-on-the-floor percussion paired with a soulful vocal sample and a Nile Rodgers-styled guitar riff. 

As with many singles packages there are multiple remixes and the first remix from the single is Douze’s Dub Machine Remix, adds a layer of punishing, industrial synths with eerily swirling synths – it gives the song a futuristic, almost post apocalyptic feel while bearing a resemblance to something like Kraftwerk‘s Tour de France