French producer and electronic music artist Thomas Roberts has received attention across Europe and internationally for a melodic, house sound with a subtle cosmic glow.  “Secret Garden,” the lead and EP title track of his recently released Secret Garden EP is comprised of a repetitive sequence of layers of slowly cascading synths, percussion led by hot flashes of cymbal, a vocal sample that comes out of the ether and swirling electronics to create a steady, almost futuristic andmotorik-like groove that may remind some listeners of Kraftwerk’s Trans Europe Express. 

The mysterious electro pop duo MNYNMS contributed a complete rework of Roberts’ “Secret Garden” that turns the song into a seductive, downtempo electro pop song with vocals that retains only a few elements of the original song – the cascading synths of the original are slowed down and pushed a bit towards the background, along with the swirling electronics while retaining the original’s shimmering, cosmic glow. Because the MNYNMS remake retains so few elements of the original, the track feels and sounds like an entirely different song – a song that could have been released in 1992 or so.