Galantis, the duo of Christian “Bloodshy” Karlson of Miike Snow and Linus Elkow, better known as Style of Eye have quickly won the attention of the blogosphere with the release of “Help” and “The Heart That I’m Hearing” off their soon-to-released self-titled EP. The third single off that EP, “Friend” employed the use of a soulful sample over a deep house groove, bolstered by layers of synths, stuttering and skittering drum and room-rattling bass. 

The duo’s latest single “Revolution” is a slickly produced bit of contemporary electronic dance music, which starts off with a vocal sample with it’s pitch slowed down, piano chords and gently swirling electronics in the background, and right after a little bit of harmony, the song explodes to life with layers of sizzling synths. The song manages to vary between explosively loud for the chorus and hushed for the vocals. 

Every time i’ve heard of this song I’ve thought of being in a sweaty club, with everyone in the room dancing and moving about in strobe light or of their sound filling a large stadium. 

And like a lot of incredible electronic dance music, the vocal sample is actually quite anthemic — you can picture people stopping to shout the hook and the chorus.