German-born electronic artist Ulrich Schnauss will be embarking on a tour of select stops across North America over the summer to support the releaese of his fourth, full-length release, A Long Way to Fall through Domino Records earlier this year. (The tour will include two NYC area dates – August 8th at Bowery Ballroom and August 20th at Cameo Gallery.)

The album not only marks the release of Schnauss’ first album in over six years, it marks a return to form (sort of) with more punchier, heavy-hitting rhythms but also a sonic evolution as his sound incorporates the sort of textures he’s developed over the course of a few albums. 

Tycho was enlisted to remix “I Take Comfort In Your ignorance,” and their remix retains a futuristic sound – futuristic via the past, as it bears a similarity to Giorgio Moroder and of Kraftwerk but with a shimmering beauty.