If you follow this site regularly, you know that I frequently receive an incredible amount of emails from bands, publicists and labels from all over the world and such things makes the site’s (unofficial) mission of covering and presenting music from all over the world a reality. 

Yesterday, I received an email from the Melbourne, Australia-based duo of Luy Amiel (backing vocals, guitar) and Jacob Linnet (lead vocals, drums), better known in that part of the world as The Hunted Crows. And for a duo, they possess a thundering, enormous sound comprised of heavy guitar riffs, room-rocking, hip-hop-styled beats and lyrics sung in a bluesy, boozy and swaggering growl as you’ll hear on “Sniff You Out," the first single of their self-titled EP, which will see a September 21 release. In some way, their sound bears a resemblance to several American duos such as Chicago’s incredible sibling duo, White Mystery and The Black Keys but on steroids and testosterone injections. Or in more simple terms – they just kick ass.