If you’ve been following for the past few months, you may recall that I had written about a new band, The Bulls which is comprised of The Airborne Toxic Event’s multi-instrumentalist, Anna Bulbrook and The Duke Spirit’s guitarist, Marc Sallis, As the story goes, Bulbrook and Sallis found themselves repeatedly crossing paths between New York, Paris and London during tours, and over time they bonded over their mutual love of 80s and 90s new wave and shoegaze — to the point that they decided to collaborate together in a side project.

Although they’re in the studio finishing up work on their debut EP, their first single “Come Unwound” has a dreamy, 60s girl-led pop feel that is also reminiscent of Dum Dum Girls — that is until the gorgeous strings make an appearance to remind listeners that shoegaze often owes a great debt to the production values of Phil Spector, which evokes a towering yet ethereal beauty. 

The duo recently released the official video for the song and it features footage of the duo performing the song, but in between that, there’s sensual footage that involves some very kinky S&M that evokes the sense of being controlled and slowly losing control.