If you’ve been following JOVM for the past couple of months you may remember reading a couple of posts on The Night VI, a sextet with members who have hailed from London, Birmingham, Northampton and Bogota, Colombia. The sextet have caught the attention of the blogosphere for a jangling and breezy synth-pop sound that drew comparisons to Haerts, Paracosm-era Washed Out and St. Lucia, as the sextet’s sound possessed both an incredibly catchy hook and a bleeding, aching heart at its very core. 

The sextet’s latest single “Turn Your Light On Me” manages to bear (to my ears, at least) both a resemblance to early 80s Stevie Nicks and contemporary indie pop as the song is comprised of jangling, reverb-y guitar, a sinuous bass line and a gorgeous melody – in other words, it’s finely crafted, radio friendly, breezy pop that’s earnest with an incredibly catchy hook.  But arguably unlike their previous releases, the single may be the loosest and most sensual song they’ve released to date.