If you’ve been following JOVM over the last few months or so, you may remember coming across “Safehouse,” the first single off the New York-based vocalist DAIR’s debut EP, The Last Sign

“Safehouse” is a slow burning and sensual track comprised of DAIR’s soulful and unhurried vocals, skittering percussion, swirling electronics and gently rippling synths. Sonically, several things come to my mind — Skye Edwards and her work with Morcheeba, Stumbleine’s recent collaboration with Violet Skies and others. And much like her contemporaries, DAIR’s vocals manage to express an aching longing and world weariness within a turn of a phrase.

The official video for the song was released and its story is told in a rather elliptical nature – it flashes back to young lovebirds in more perfect times but if you pay close attention, there’s something lurking underneath the surface. At one point, you do see this young couple fight, the relationship end, and the video’s protagonist is seen mourning the relationship and its comforts.