If you’ve been following this site for quite some time, you’d likely remember that a few short weeks ago, I had written about the Brooklyn-based electro pop duo Her Habits, comprised of the Canadian-born vocalist and lyricist, Joanie Wolkoff and producer Sanford Livingston, who also worked with Arum Rae

Wolkoff’s latest collaboration with Livingston is based on her extraordinary life experiences. “Slip Away,” the first single off their forthcoming EP, Northerner was comprised of swirling electronics, subtle layers of hazy and undulating synths that seem to rain down on the listener, and propulsive percussion paired with Wolkoff’s coquettish and ethereal vocals. Whereas that single had made a very subtle nod to R&B, the EP’s second and latest single, “Faster Than Sound” pays a much more overt homage to R&B; in particular, thanks to its use of glitchy vocal samples paired with layered staccato synths, the track’s production bears an uncanny resemblance to Timbaland’s then-wildly experimental work with Aaliyah and Missy Elliot.