in interviews, the Pennsylvania-based electronic artist and producer Tobacco has mentioned that with his forthcoming effort, Ultima 2 Massage that he wanted to push his sound to the point where even at it’s most depraved you can still zone out to it. 

The album’s first single “Eruption” managed to walk a careful tightrope between psychedelic airiness thanks to a bridge that employed the use of acoustic guitar, while retaining the raw, scuzzy sound that has won attention across the blogosphere. And he did so in a way that felt and sounded much like the Chemical Brothers or the Crystal Method

However, Tobacco’s latest single Streaker, feat. Notrabel brings things back to his raw, scuzzy sound. In fact, the synths sound as though they were repeatedly dipped in corrosive acid, complete with industrial clanging and banging along with grinding motors — it’s kind of the sound you’d expect from a faulty VCR or a old car finally about to give up the ghost. And yet the song despite — or perhaps because of — it’s seemingly ugliness is ironically a danceable song.

The official video for the song is appropriate fitting – it follows the perspective of the protagonist in a massage parlor that’s actually a house of indescribable horrors with weird, terrible sights and people acting strangely. It’s trippy as hell and some of the footage is NSFW, by the way.