In the almost five years that I’ve run JOVM, i’ve received an enormous amount of emails from a variety of artists, labels publicists and others from all over the world. And As I’ve mentioned numerous times, it makes this site’s mission of presenting and covering music from all over the world regardless of genre or country of origin possible. 

Interestingly, during Christmas I received an email from the folks at Sphera Records. Founded back in 2008, the label focuses on the works of known and up-and-coming producers, often having them collaborate – and the results are very interesting. Check out Samuele Sartini, Andy Tee, and Dave Hunter’s “DiscoVery,” a slickly produced, club-rocking house music track comprised of hot flashes of cymbals, cascading synths, swirling electronics and a glitchy vocal sample in an infectious hook. In some way, the track bears a resemblance to 100% Silk’s releases.