Indie dance pop sensation Body Language can trace their origins to when founding members Matthew Young and Grant Wheeler started making dance music and remixes of a weekly party they curated/DJ’ed in Hartford. Shortly after they started their parties, vocalist Angelica Bees was recruited and the trio began working together on original material.  After the release of their debut effort, Speaks, the trio began working on the Social Studies EP when they had started to collaborate with Theophilus London, and essentially became London’s backing band. And as a result, they met Ian Chang, who quickly became the band’s fourth member. In any case, the band has received quite a bit of attention for a slickly produced electro pop sound – in fact, “Really Love” pairs Bees sultry vocals with skittering percussion and cascading synths. 

Recently, the Australian dance pop sensations, Gold Fields remixed the single and their remix replaces the skittering percussion and cascading synths with four-on-the-floor drums, layers of shimmering synths and a sinuous bass line, which turns the dance song into a slick, yet funky synth-based track reminiscent of Cascine Records and of 1980s R&B.