Interview: NYU Student Charlotte Sparacino’s Coverage of David Bowie’s “Blackstar” Video Premiere in Williamsburg

Last November, my dear friend C had sent me a Brooklyn Vegan article about a special (and free) screening of a short film for “Blackstar,” the first single and album title track off David Bowie‘s Blackstar, at the Nighthawk Cinema in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Certainly, as long-time fan of Bowie’s work, I excitedly took the trip out to Williamsburg to catch the event — and it was honestly quite a thrill. Sadly, as we all now know, Blackstar would wind up being Bowie’s last recorded output before his death on Sunday.

As I was walking out of the movie theater, with the same “warm thrill of confusion” and “space cadet glow,” that I could remember having as a 4 year old watching Serious Moonlight on rented Betamax cassette tape, I wound up being interviewed by Charlotte Sparacino, a current student at my alma mater, NYU and an aspiring music journalist about the video. Check out my young colleague’s coverage of the events back in November.