Jack Name is a bit of a mysterious presence, who has played guitar alongside Tim Presley in White Fence, has released several other solo efforts through a variety of monikers including Fictional Boys and Muzz. He’s also played on tracks by the likes of Ariel Pink and Cass McCombs. And although he’s been associated with some important and beloved indie rock acts, his own musical identity has morphed at various times to wherever his muses directed him. 

His soon-to-be released effort, Weird Moons reportedly draws influences from the likes of Can, Dario Argento, old VHS tapes, and others. And the album’s latest single “Running After Ganymede” is one of the more interesting songs I’v heard in the last few months. The sparse song is comprised of languid and ominously buzzing synths paired with ethereal vocals. It’s a moody song that evokes the feel of a fucked up, psychological horror film – it possesses a creeping dread at its heart that’s strangely irresistible. 

The official video is a visual delight as it employs the use of stop action animation, as it follows a wolf roaming about at night. It’s trippy and fits the slowly creeping dread at the heart of the song.