K. Ishibashi, better known by his pseudonym Kishi Bashi, is a violinist, composer, vocalist and producer who has recorded and toured with the likes of Regina SpektorSondre Lerche and Of Montreal (where he was a full-time member and co-producer). And while he was involved in his various projects, Ishibashi spent time crafting the material that would wind up on his critically praised debut effort, 151a

With the success of 151a, Ishibashi decided to focus solely on his own music and began composing the material that would win dup comprising his sophomore solo effort, LighghtReportedly inspired by the one word minimalist poem by Aram Saroyan, the sound on Ishibashi’s sophomore effort has grown to include more nuanced compositions and instrumentations — some of the material employs Eastern arrangements, while other songs sound more like prog rock, all while retaining a bright, airy and playful nature. 

“Philosophize In It! Chemicalize With It!” the first single off Lighght possesses an infectious, frenzied optimism; after all, the song is a bright, airy and swooning bit of pop that employs Ishibashi’s violin, swirling electronics and an upbeat. slightly country twang. I’ve played this track several times and every single time, I feel extraordinarily happy and i think that unless you have a cold, black heart, you will, too.  

The official video was released in conjunction with the announcement of Ishibashi’s tour dates, and the video itself is a psychedelic and surreal visual delight that seems to break down to the molecular level with things dissolving and reappearing; It’s trippy but absolutely joyful.