Led by singer/songwriter Trevor Beld Jiminez, the Los Angeles,CA-based band Tall Tales and the Silver Lining, is heavily influenced by the sounds of 70s AM radio – i.e., Jackson Browne, Harvest-era Neil Young, The ByrdsCourt and Spark-era Joni Mitchell and others. So you’ve got earnest and very deeply personal songwriting based around hook-laden arrangements; however, Beld Jiminez and cohorts use modern production, so old school craft is paired with electronics. And as you’ll hear on “Something to Believe In,” the first single off the band’s forthcoming, new album, Tightropes, the sound will likely remind some listeners of Violens’ incredible Amoral and of In Ghost Colours-era Cut Copy, as “Something to Believe In” possess a rather breezy air. However, the breeze manages to be simultaneously wistful, melancholy and hopeful; after all, the song discusses a profound love – the sort of love that gives you purpose and meaning but with the recognition that all things eventually end. And in some way, for me at least, the song is haunted by the hopefulness of every beginning and the heartache of every ending as they’re both intertwined.