Lenses, the latest album by the Los Angeles-based (by way of Portland, OR) duo of Soft Metals sonically owes a great debt to the legendary godfather of contemporary electronic music, Giorgio Moroder and to late 80s and early 90s house music – a song like “Tell Me” pulsates with an raw, urgent carnality. 

“No Turning Back,” the latest single (and video) off the outstanding Lenses, consists of shimmering and pulsating synths with an icy sheen that conveys both a thoughtful but awkward restraint, as though the narrator was desperately trying to control their emotions and a slight air of indifference, which subtly reveals that it’s just an air; that the narrator  wants to show their aching hurt. 

The official video offers some rather unusual visuals – a young woman destroying hearts made of varying substances and it creates the sense that her heart may have been broken by a fickle lover.