Live Footage: Montreal’s Prieur & Landry Perform New Ripper “Surreal Memories”

Montreal-based duo Prieur & Landry — Gab Prieur and Elliot Landry — have developed and honed a sludgy power chord riff driven rock sound that draws from ’90s grunge rock and ’00s blues rock. But more than mere mimicry, the duo’s sound and approach thrives on a careful balance of intensity and nuance with their live set finding the duo expanding upon riffs and songs structures — at will.

Prieur & Landry recently released a live session shot in a bare, wood shed in Saguenay-Lac- St-Jean, Québec that featured the bluesy “For Once I Breathe in Control” and their latest single “Surreal Memories.” Centered around sludgy power chord driven riffs, thunderous drumming and howled Kurt Cobain-like vocals, “Surreal Memories” finds the Montreal-based duo crafting a mosh pit friendly ripper that will bring memories of Nirvana, Soundgarden and Tool to mind.

Montreal’s Prieur&Landry presents «Surreal Memories», the title song of their latest grunge and tenebrous offering. Again, the duo offers virtuosity and perfect symbiosis in a loud and very potent concoction. Right out of a time machine from the 90’s, the intense dirty stoner-rock riffs and heavy- hitting drums are shaking the foundations of the bare wood shed where it was shot in Saguenay-Lac- St-Jean, Québec. This video is closing a two-part session including the loud but blues oriented «For Once I Breathe in Control», another powerful single from their most recent album.