Los Angeles, CA-based duo Woolf and the The Wondershow received attention across the blogosphere for their breezy and upbeat New Jack swing/French Horn Rebellion inspired pop track “Cloaked,” a song that possesses dense layers of synths, and an airy, infectious hook wrapped around a playful yet wistful melody. 

Now, if you’ve been following JOVM for some time, you may remember coming across a post on the producer, sound engineer and electronic music artist That’s Nice, the moniker of Mario Rdz. Rdz has developed a reputation for a number of remixes that sound indebted to Nile Rodgers and 80s funk – and I think that will be cemented with his remix of Woolf and The Wondershow’s. Rdz retains the song’s breezy melody but adds Nile Rodgers-inspired guitar, a sinuous and funky bass line and a bridge comprised of undulating synths. Every time I’ve heard the remix, the song brings to mind a breezier and funkier version of Howard Jones’ “It Can Only Get Better.” Yes, it’s that 80s.