Lyric Video: Eyes of Argus Share Sludgy Dirge “From The Dark”

Currently split between Providence and Salem, MA, emerging doom metal duo Eyes Of Argus — Guitar Hero and Rock Band co-creator and member of Megasus, Ryan Lesser (guitar) and Sam (vocals) — can trace their origins back to the bleakest days of the pandemic when Lesser began crafting tracks rooted in the concept of ugly/pretty: Lesser specifically plays fuzzy, down-tuned sludgy power chords while Sam contributes ethereal vocals and magical lyrics. 

The duo’s full-length debut, Honey’d Dreams was released last Friday. Lesser once recorded an album with Steve Albini. And after studying Albini’s techniques, Lesser went on to record and mix Eyes of Argus’ full-length debut.

Last month, I wrote about Honey’d Dreams‘ expansive, album title track “Honey’d Dreams.” Clocking in about 8:20, the song begins with a brooding “Planet Caravan“-like introduction with glistening and reverb-drenched guitars and then quickly turning into a doom metal dirge featuring sludgy power chords, thunderous drumming paired with Sam’s ethereal crooning. Lyrically, the song is rooted in seemingly Norse-inspired imagery and mythology. The end result is a song that balances brooding sludge with a hazy, nostalgia-tinged dreaminess.

Honey’d Dreams‘ latest single “From The Dark” is an expansive doom metal dirge built around sludgy power chords, thunderous drumming and Sam’s plaintive cooing paired with a thrash metal-inspired bridge and enormous mosh pit friendly hooks. Much like its predecessor, “From The Dark” lyrically is rooted in Norse-inspired imagery while evoking a slow-burning sense of dread and paranoia.