Miami, FL-based musician, producer and electronic music artist Albert Ovadia writes and records under the moniker of Red Traces. And if you’re familiar with this site over the past few months, you may have come across a couple of Ovadia’s Red Traces singles; in fact, I was particularly drawn to the cinematic sound and to the futuristic, dystopian future his previous singles seemed to evoke.  Ovadia’s latest single “Phantom” much like his previously released singles further cements his reputation for crating movie-like soundtracks. However, the latest single manages to sound much more like a tribal rave – the sort you’d imagine would happen after society collapsed and everyone banded together into nomadic tribes, as the song is comprised of tightly controlled, undulating synths, swirling electronics, industrial noises and steady yet thunderous bass and drums. 

“Phantom” may arguably be Ovadia’s most menacing and darkest track he’s released to date, and interestingly enough the track kind of reminds me of Snap!’s “Rhythm Is A Dancer,” a song that I haven’t really thought of in several years – moody, dark and yet danceable.