Mullti-award winning British-Japanese producer and electronic music artist Maya Jane Coles writes, records and performs under the moniker of Nocturnal Sunshine. Coles received attention across the blogosphere after the release of “Take Me There,” a glitchy, big bass, drum and dub-filled affair. Live, Coles has developed a reputation for making the Nocturnal Sunshine project into a full-fledged artistic project, as she’s performed in artwork that she’s designed herself.

Her latest single “Believe” features an elusive up-and-coming vocalist by the name of Chelou (whose name channels a French slang term for mysterious and unknown – and a child-like pig-Latin inversion of louche). Chelou placed a preview of a single “The Quiet” which immediately went viral, and as a result, caught the attention of Coles, who will be working with the mysterious artist’s debut effort.

As for the extremely dark and moody single, “Believe” pairs menacingly buzzing synths, ominously swirling electronics, skittering percussion with Chelou’s ethereal speak-songy vocals to craft a stormy track that evokes a sweaty, feverish, anxiousness; in some way, it channels most of Tricky’s work, as it also possesses an urgent, plaintive sensibility while being irresistibly danceable.